TUC General Council Seats

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2006 National LGBT Conference
21 September 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference acknowledges the central importance that the TUC has in UNISON’s work with other British trade unions and the wider international trade union movement.

Conference further acknowledges that the TUC has a central role in sharing and promoting best practice amongst affiliates and further notes the central importance of the TUC in promoting equality and diversity, both in Britain and the wider world.

In this context Conference recognises that the development of equality Conferences and equality committees are a major contribution to the work undertaken on equality issues and believes that the wealth of experience and knowledge that this can bring will be essential to ensuring the union movement is well equipped to face the challenges of the future as we prepare for the introduction of the Single Equality Act and the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR).

Whilst welcoming the progress that has been achieved (often in large part in response to campaigning work undertaken by UNISON) Conference recognises the legitimate movement in favour of the request for the equality conferences to elect the General Council representative for that particular seat, rather than them being elected by all affiliates at TUC Congress.

Conference recognises that members of TUC General Council are selected by a number of different means, including seats for affiliated trade unions according to size, seats for black, women and black women trade unionists, and seats representing LGBT workers, Disabled workers and workers under the age of 27.

Conference believes that in principle representatives should be elected by those they represent. Conference therefore believes UNISON should support proposals for the election of seats representing LGBT workers, Disabled workers and workers under the age of 27 to take place at the respective equality conferences, where possible.