Save our Pensions!

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2006 National LGBT Conference
28 July 2006
Carried as Amended

Conference condemns the attacks by the Labour Government on the Local Government Pension Scheme. While welcoming the pension rights given to LGBT members in terms of the Civil Partnership Legislation; forcing members to work until age 65, and in breach of contractual agreements will mean financial hardship for members, and will erode many of the pension benefits gained by Civil Partnership Legislation.

The proposed changes to the scheme are discriminatory because some public sector workers have had their existing rights protected, whilst others have not e.g. a social worker working for the NHS can retire at 60; and one working for local government must work until they are 65.

Conference therefore calls upon our Labour Link representatives to inform the Government of the anger of LGBT UNISON members about the proposals to remove our pension entitlements; and to reconsider their proposals in order to protect the rights of the local government workers in line with colleagues in health, etc.