LGBT Conference

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2006 Energy Service Group Conference
15 March 2006

This conference welcomes welcome the increased participation by Energy Members at the 2005 LGBT Conference in Belfast. The Business and Environment Equal Opportunities Working Group (BEEOWG) has successfully engaged with Branches and Regions to raise the LGBT profile within Energy through specific LGBT events and, more recently, the successful Equalities Day.

Conference is disappointed however that not all Energy, Transport and Water & Environment delegates to the LGBT Conference attend the Business & Environment Delegates meeting. The B&E Delegates meeting is the ideal opportunity for members from these Service Groups to discuss issues that they jointly face as well as form working links with colleagues from other Branches.

Conference therefore instructs the Energy Service Group Executive, in conjunction with the BEEOWG, to continue wits work to increase attendance at the LGBT conference but also to stress the importance and value of the B&E Delegates meeting