Blood Donations in Energy Workplaces

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2006 Energy Service Group Conference
15 March 2006

Male Energy members who work in the electricity and gas industries who have tried to donate blood have found that the National Blood Service has a ‘blanket’ ban in place against men who have ever had sex with other men, and so they are advised in their workplaces that their blood will not be accepted for blood transfusion purposes.

Whilst Conference applauds those Energy employers who voluntarily invite the National Blood Service (NBS) into the workplace and encourage staff to donate blood, we have had situations in some energy workplaces where members could accidentally be ‘outed’ or interrogated by other colleagues as to why ‘he’ can’t donate blood. This is not acceptable, and we must challenge this type of harassment whenever it occurs, and work to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Conference calls on the Energy Service Group Executive to:

·Canvass Energy Branches and regional Energy service groups on the current situation, and ask them to review any local arrangements regarding the invitation of the NBS within their workplaces so that energy members are not ‘outed’ if they are unable to give blood.

·Ask the Health Service Group and the National LGBT Committee for guidance on promoting best practice.

·Raise awareness on how our members may be affected.

·Support the National LGBT Committee in its continued campaign for a more acceptable and adequate approach in advertising and collecting blood donation.

·Provide a report to Energy branches on work undertaken. A copy of the report should also be sent to the National LGBT Committee so that they are aware of this issue in the energy sector.