Pensions and Black Minority Ethnic Community Members

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2006 National Disabled Members' Conference
6 July 2006

This Conference accepts a wide range of evidence that Black people are known to be concentrated in low paid, low skilled jobs and that their life expectancy is considerably lower than white workers. There is also research evidence that demonstrates a higher risk of workplace accidents and injuries for low paid workers, it therefore follows that there will be a disproportionate effect on black workers disability status in addition to the community incidence of conditions such as Sickle Cell, Thallasaemia, Hepatitis etc.

We believe that this multiplicity of reasons impoverishes Black Disabled people and results in greater poverty and fewer years in which members can enjoy retirement.

We call upon the National Disabled Members Committee to work with the National Black Members Committee, the National Health and Safety Committee, the Retired Members’ Organization UNISON Welfare Services and NEC members as appropriate to explore ways of:

1)Reducing workplace hazards that cause impairment

2)Alleviating poverty in older age

3)Improving services to members