Communication and Recruitment Priorities for Women

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2005 National Women's Conference
20 October 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference is pleased to see that UNISON’s national advertising campaign is putting women at the forefront of our recruitment campaign. Conference recognises that recruitment is a key priority for UNISON. It is therefore important that UNISON incorporates into its recruitment strategy work with schools and colleges to educate the next generation of potential members about the relevance and role of trade unions in the world of work.

Communication materials in support of recruitment are important tools and the National Women’s Committee must ensure that women’s campaigning materials are included as part of the recruitment strategy. In order to reach out to potential members and to deliver on UNISON’s commitment to equality for all, these materials must be in an accessible format, including languages, in accordance with legal requirements. To attract young women into UNISON there must be campaign materials that are relevant to them, displayed and placed in venues where young women meet.

The National Women’s Committee is instructed to:

1)liaise with UNISON’s Communication Department to ensure that we retain and produce campaign materials directed at women and young women in particular that are useful recruitment tools;

2)liaise with UNISON’s Communications Department, the National Disabled Members’ Committee, the National Black Members’ Committee and other relevant bodes, to ensure that women’s recruitment materials are in accessible formats, including taking into account issues faced by non-English speaking women;

3)that recruitment materials for women include following our members into the private sector;

4)liaise with the appropriate UNISON departments to ensure the recruitment strategy also targets young women and uses information that is relevant to them;

5)encourage work with schools and colleges on the issues UNISON has campaigned for on behalf of women members.