Identity Cards

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2005 Retired Members' Conference
8 June 2005

The government has admitted that the introduction of compulsory identity cards and the establishment of a National Identity Register will not in itself overcome international terrorism. Likewise, it has been admitted that benefit fraud is only a tiny part of the problem in the benefit system.

Given the cost of introducing the scheme and the ongoing costs in its administration, it must be very questionable whether the proposal provides value for money when there are far higher priorities in terms of the provision and maintenance of public services, Quite apart from the infringement of civil liberties, there are serious concerns as to the impact of the proposals on pensioners, not just financially, but also in the stress and worry about updating the wide range of personal details for which the Identity Cards Bill provides penalties for failure to notify.

Conference therefore calls upon the National Executive Council to declare its opposition to the introduction of compulsory identity cards and to lobby to ensure that pensioners, and all those who are vulnerable in our society, are relieved from any additional personal costs, stress and worry in terms of non-compliance should the Bill be enacted.