Dedicated Care for Patients and Elderly or Have a Disability

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2005 Retired Members' Conference
16 June 2005

Conference asks the National Executive Council to fight for the following changes to the National Health Service to ensure the comfort and care of elderly and disabled patients:

An extra dedicated member of staff will be made available to all elderly and disabled patients when they are admitted to hospital.

This member of staff will be responsible for meeting the care needs of these patients. He/she will be responsible for and he/she will ensure that:

1)the patients are washed, teeth cleaned and, if used, dentures cleaned and used;

2)the patients are dressed in decent clothing;

3)the patients get all their meals and are fed if unable to feed themselves;

4)the patients are offered drinks at regular intervals;

5)the patients are offered toilet facilities at regular times;

6)the patients are regularly checked before and during visiting hours to ensure they are comfortable;

7)the patients must be treated with respect and dignity whether the patients can communicate or not.