Public Holidays at Weekends

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2005
19 June 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that this year Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday. On such occasions when any part of the Christmas and New Year holidays fall on a weekend Police Officers working shifts receive paid compensation additional to the Sunday, i.e. Tuesday 27th December and Monday 2nd January are effectively Bank and Public Holidays, for which Police Officers are reimbursed at Bank and Public Holiday rates.

Conference notes that Police Staff who work shifts do not receive equivalent compensation.

This causes problems where Police Staff and Police Officers work alongside each other and enforces the lack of equality and respect for Police Staff.

The issue was not resolved Nationally for the 2004/5 Christmas and New Year holidays. Conference is appalled at the reaction of the Employers Side of the Police Staff Council that totally rejected this claim. Some branches were successful in gaining parity with Police Officers, and a few improved the terms and conditions for those Police Staff affected, but some refused to pay any compensation.

Most forces have indicated that if the issue was addressed and agreed Nationally they would compensate Police Staff in the same way as Police Officers, but they are not prepared to enter into local negotiations.

Conference therefore instructs the Service Group Executive to reopen discussions immediately with the National employers to ensure that all Police Staff working shifts receives the same compensation as Police Officers in 2005 and each year thereafter when the Christmas and New Year holidays fall on a weekend.