Budget Cuts

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Police Staff Service Group Conference 2005
19 June 2005

Conference notes there has been a political decision that there shall not be any reduction in Police Officer numbers. Consequently, under the force wide efficiency and budget savings exercise, Forces are redeploying Police Officers into Police Staff posts to avoid any reduction in Police Officer numbers. This means that Police Staff are carrying the brunt of cost savings.

UNISON is concerned at the job security implications for our members, and the employment law implications in cases of potential redundancy and unfair dismissal claims.

This Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1) obtain legal opinion on the redundancy law implications of the above practice.

2) make representation to the Home Office to seek written guarantees that Police Staff jobs are not put forward for redeployed Police Officers in cases of any re-organisation or potential type or redundancy situation arising from budget or efficiency savings.

3)lobby the Home Office and instigate a media campaign this year to focus on ensuring that all operational Officers are placed into front line policing and out of desk bound roles.


4)provide advice, guidance and support to branches on how best to deal with redundancies and the aftermath of job cuts.