Schedule B Members’ Benefits

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2005 National Delegate Conference
28 February 2005

Delete existing Schedule B

Replace with new Schedule B

“Schedule B: Members’ benefits


The Union provides three distinct areas of assistance to support members.

1.1Rule book benefits listed in paragraph 2.1.1 are intended to provide a one off responsive service within a set range of criteria.

1.2Grants for education and training as detailed in paragraph 3.

1.3UNISON WELFARE is the union’s own registered charity providing services that include, advice, support and financial assistance to members and their dependants at times of special need covering a range of different circumstances as detailed in paragraph 4.


2.1Benefits of Full Membership

2.1.1A full member, as set out in Rule C. 2.3, shall be entitled to:

a) death benefit;

b) accident benefit;

c) fatal accident benefit;

d) total incapacity benefit

e) partial incapacity benefit;

and any other benefits determined from time to time by the National Executive Council in accordance with the conditions detailed below.

2.1.2Benefits are available as an entitlement to all members who are not in arrears with their subscriptions and satisfy the qualifications for benefit detailed below but are otherwise available at the absolute discretion of the National Executive Council. Members receiving benefit shall continue to pay subscriptions to the Union, unless otherwise decided by the National Executive Council.

2.1.3For the purpose of establishing qualifications for benefit, completed continuous years of membership of either COHSE, NALGO or NUPE as well as UNISON shall be counted as reckonable membership.

2.1.4Only one rule book benefit will be paid in respect of any one accident, illness or death. This will be the rule book benefit with the highest monetary value.

2.1.5The rule book benefit rates will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

2.2Benefits of Retired Members

Retired members are not entitled to the benefits of full membership with the exception of those listed in Schedule B para 2.6.3(iv). A retired member shall be entitled to apply to UNISON Welfare for assistance at times of need

2.3Benefits of Members in Education

A member, undertaking a course of training or study, shall be entitled to the benefits of full membership as set out in Schedule B Rule 1 above.

2.4Applications for Benefit

Applications for a benefit or benefits shall be made in a manner prescribed by the National Executive Council. It shall be the duty of the member or her/his representatives, to supply any documentation or evidence required by the National Executive Council in support of the claim.

2.5Discretion of National Executive Council

The General Secretary has the power to act for the National Executive Council in exercising its discretion in respect of benefits at all times, subject to reporting any action to the National Executive Council as soon as it is reasonably practicable.

2.6Death Benefit


(i) Membership for at least 13 week prior to death

(ii) No arrears of contribution.


As from 1st July 2005 the death benefit shall be:

Completed years of continued membership£

Under 5 years100

Over 5 and less than 15200

Over 15 and less than 25300

Over 25400


(i) The death must occur whilst the member is in full membership.

(ii) The death benefit must be claimed within 12 months of the death by the personal representative of the deceased.

(iii)The benefit will be paid to the partner of the deceased; if no surviving partner, to any dependant or dependants of the deceased in equal shares; if none, to the estate of the deceased.

(iv)Ex members of NUPE who retire after 1 July 1993 and hold five years service will have their entitlement to death benefit protected providing they maintain retired member status.

2.7Accident Benefit

2.7.1 Qualification

Membership for at least 13 weeks prior to suffering the accident on which the claim is based.


£3.30 per day, £16.50 per week maximum during the whole period in which the member is unable to work by reason of the accident up to a maximum of 30 days or £99.00 in any calendar year.


The accident must happen in the course of the member’s employment, or whilst travelling to or from work o