National Day for Remembrance of Slavery

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2005 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2005

Conference calls upon the National Executive Council to support the Trade Union Congress in their call for government to recognise 23 August as the National Day for the Remembrance of Slavery. This date marks a crucial event in the fight against slavery and the uprising in St Domingo in 1791.

The United Nations marked 2004 as a special year for the commemoration of the struggle against slavery and its abolition. It is important that the government recognises the contribution the slave trade has made to the economic development, wealth and culture of this country.

Although slavery may be perceived by western countries as having been abolished, it is still a part of everyday life in parts of Africa, Asia, India, Southern America and the Caribbean through the exploitation of cheap labour, often women and children.

It is important that our story is remembered, it is important that our contributions are recognised, and it is important that our struggle against racism continues.

Conference therefore instructs the National Executive Council to:

1)develop regional celebrations of the abolition of slavery during the month of August;

2)create through partnerships with employers a celebratory event that acknowledges our contribution throughout history before and after the slave trade was abolished;

3)work with branches in developing an action plan with clearly identified guidance;

4)work with regional committees and all branches to ensure that resources are made available for the development of this work to be delivered annually.