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2005 National Delegate Conference
21 February 2005

Conference believes that bullying at work, in whatever form, is a major and significant issue which the trade union movement must continue to address and combat.

Conference believes that bullying and inappropriate management behaviour can be a major cause of workplace stress and subsequent sickness. Workers then face a double whammy of draconian sickness procedures and the threat of disciplinary warnings as a result of sickness absence due to bullying at work

Conference believes that employers will often have excellent procedures on paper, but that this will not always transfer into the workplace

Conference calls on the union to approach employers with a view to working jointly in calling for zero tolerance to bullying.

Conference believes that an initial step must include a review of the operation and effectiveness of current policies and procedures on bullying. Employers must not be allowed to put policies into place without ensuring their effective use.

Conference believes that if employers fail to deal with bullying, then ultimately the collective power of our union branches must be mobilised to defend members. Bullying must be taken seriously and the individuals or groups of workers should not be left isolated while procedures either drag on for unacceptable periods of time or are not properly implemented.