False Allegations of Sexual Harassment

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2005 Local Government Service Group Conference
23 June 2005

Amendment to Motion 30 (Carried and incorporated into M 30)

Add after fifth paragraph

“That a member who is accused of a serious sexual allegation of a service user or member of staff can lead to the arrest or even charge of the member. The result of a false allegation can lead to the arrest and/or charge being recorded on your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. Such a record is very difficult to remove even if the charges are dropped and the employers accept that the allegations were malicious the members future career prospects have been seriously damaged as the incident will remain part of the CRB report.”

Para 6, point 3

Delete “issue guidance” and insert

“liaise with the Legal Department to update the Legal Brief “Accused of Abuse” to incorporate these issues, including the issue of CRB checks and distribute to branches and report back to next year’s conference”.

Add new point 4:

“4)To immediately talk to the relevant government minister about CRB checks and records in an attempt to ensure that members are not discriminated against in future employment due to a false allegation/s and report to Branches and SOC’s, etc.”