Employers’ Proposals on the Review of Part Two of the Green Book

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2005 Local Government Service Group Conference
10 June 2005

Conference notes the proposals made by the Employers’ side of the National Joint Council (NJC) on 11 May in relation to the review of national conditions of service set out in Part Two of the Green Book. We believe that these have profound implications for all members within the Service Group, not only those whose conditions of service are set by the NJC.

Conference deplores the employers’ proposals to reduce sick pay entitlements and to reduce car allowances. Conference believes that reductions in sickness absence and its associated costs should be achieved by a preventative approach, which puts the emphasis on reducing stress in the workplace, and that the NJC should focus upon promoting good practice, not upon penalising workers who are sick through reductions in sick pay.

Conference instructs the SGE to resist these attacks upon national conditions of service by all appropriate means, up to and including national industrial action. Conference does not believe that there should be any need for a consultative ballot before an industrial action ballot to resist attacks upon national conditions of service and instructs the SGE to initiate now a campaign in defence of current national conditions with a view to winning a national industrial action ballot should one become necessary. This campaign should include the production of recruitment materials which emphasise UNISON’s campaign to defend national conditions of service.