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Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual & Transgender Conference 2005
29 July 2005
Carried as Amended

Conference takes pride in the way our venues are safe spaces in which to conduct our business. However, our Conference is also made more attractive by the chance to socialise with other delegates and visitors after the day’s business. Many delegates and visitors enjoy the entertainments that our host city has to offer, but these spaces cannot be considered safe and accessible and as a result many women, disabled and black delegates and visitors do not go to them.

In addition, it is too often the case that places catering specifically for women are non-existent or too small to accommodate as many women as might want to visit them. This is contrast to the number of places catering for gay male or mixed clienteles.

Conference recognises that the best, and sometimes the only, opportunity for most of the women delegates and visitors to relax in each other’s company is limited to the two conference socials.

Realising the importance of the conference socials to women delegates and visitors Conference regrets that the entertainment provided at the socials has not, in the past, been better geared towards their preferences, especially deploring the occasions in which the entertainment has included offensive stereotyping.

Conference therefore requires the National LGBT Committee to consult widely with all the SOG’s members to establish a view in regard to the following possibilities that:

1.Conference’s first social is a women-only event; or,

2.Some other provision should be made that would increase the chance for women to have a women-friendly social event while at Conference, and if so what sort of event.

Conference wishes that the survey results be shown by female/male; age and membership subscription level categories and any additional categories which it may become apparent are useful. Conference requires that the results be notified to all, and in addition published in the Annual Report to the National LGBT Conference for 2006.