Race Relations (Amendment) Act and Implementation of Race Equality Schemes

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2005 Health Care Service Group Conference
10 December 2004

Conference notes that despite the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (RRAA) and introduction of race equality schemes, employers are continuing to drag their heels and do little to implement positive action.

The publication of league tables is still not transparent, in that the majority of employers are not publicising the results.

The Department of Health has recently appointed Dr Sharma to oversee equality. He has pledged to expose Chief Executives who are not complying with the RRAA and brining race equality schemes into the NHS.

Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to work with the National Black Members’ Committee to ensure:

1.that this work is undertaken and that the promises made by Dr Sharma are carried out;

2.that the publication of league tables commences in 2005.