London Bombings

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2005 National Disabled Members' Conference
12 October 2005

We condemn the horrific attacks on London on 7 July, 2005, and extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved families and friends of the 55 who died, and to the hundreds of others who have endured terrible physical and psychological injuries.

We applaud the commitment and courage displayed by fire fighters, health workers, council workers and transport workers, many of whom are UNISON members, and others in the aftermath of the attacks.

We are concerned however that the communication with many disabled people was not in a format which met their access needs and many of the escape routes were not accessible for those with physical impairments. We therefore welcome the decision in early September of the Metropolitan Police Authority to set up a seminar for the emergency services, transport providers and disabled people and their representative organisations to discuss planning for future emergencies.

We call on the National Disabled Members’ Committee and other parts of the union, for example regional committees, and service groups, to encourage similar initiatives outside London.