Commission for Equality and Human Rights

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2005 National Disabled Members' Conference
24 June 2005

Conference welcomes the progress made on the introduction of a single Commission for Equality and Human Rights(CEHR).

However Conference is very concerned that there are still no plans to introduce legislation relating to the CEHR’s powers, constitution, terms of reference and details of the various strands and their link to each other.

Conference is also concerned that although there is a recognition of the issues relating to disability, the proposals still contain only a life span for the proposed disability committee of five years. There is also concern as to how the proposed commissioner representing disability is to be appointed and how representative of all disabled people that person will be.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members’ Committee to:

1) consult widely through disabled members, with the Trade Union Disability Alliance and the British Council of Disabled People and other appropriate bodies on the green paper and/or codes of practice when these become available;

2) work with the relevant bodies within UNISON such as Labour Link to promote the need for legislation relating to the commission itself.