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2005 National Black Members' Conference
19 September 2004

The Sudanese government’s campaign of the ethnic cleansing of Black Africans is all but complete. State-backed Arab militia and the Sudanese army have driven over a million people from their homes. Murder, rape and robbery are the tools used to force Black Africans to flee the Darfur region.

The West’s response has been to flood the region with aid agencies, while making vague threats of economic sanctions. It seems that the West sheds crocodile tears for 100,000 people murdered, as Sudan has vast untapped wealth in oil.

This motion condemns both the racist attitude of the Sudanese government in its continued policy of genocide against its Black African population and the inaction of Western governments, who are ignoring ethnic cleansing and state terror.

Once again the lives of Black people are being sacrificed on the altar of capitalism.

Conference therefore calls on the National Black Members’ Committee to work in conjunction with UNISON’s International Committee to:

1.write to the UK Government requesting that it put the lives of humans beings before its capital greed and request the immediate use of sanctions to effect change; and

2.write to the UK Government requesting that they take action with partner countries to call for a halt to this ethnic cleansing.