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2005 National Black Members' Conference
19 September 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference rejects the presence of the BNP and other far right parties in the UK and condemns its role in the increase in racist abuse and racist attacks against our ethnic minority members and communities.

Conference welcomes ongoing initiatives being taken to combat racism and the rise of the BNP, such as the programme of training and support being rolled out by UNISON Northern Ireland to alert branches to attempts by the BNP to contest future elections there.

Conference recognises the pivotal role that UNISON members can play in fighting racism and the BNP and calls upon the National Black Members’ Committee to work in partnership with the NEC and UNISON regions and branches to:

1.challenge the racist and discriminatory rhetoric and actions of the BNP

and other racist groups wherever and whenever it occurs through a coordinated local and regional media strategy using UNISON supported Councillors and other recognised local and regional celebrities e.g. professional sports clubs, M.P.’s, Chamber of Commerce, other Trade Unions, etc.;

2. develop a strategic action plan for UNISON Black Members Groups at branch and regional level along with the wider UNISON membership to participate in local

campaigns with other trade unions, local RECs and other anti-discriminatory organisations and community groups supported by

the Regional National Black Members’ Committee representatives taking

a leading and facilitating role;

3.create, in partnership with Branch Black Members’ Officers, Branch Black Members’ SOG and individual Black Members where local SOGs don’t exist, negotiating strategies with employers and the police and local RECs and other employment rights agencies to ensure

our members are protected at work and in their communities in places

where BNP and far right Councillors are elected and where their presence

has increased racial tension and attacks in communities; and

4.continue to work with the NEC on its Anti-Racist Strategy initiatives

incorporating the different Project Strands.

5. produce and distribute to all RBMC’s and Branch BM SOG’s quarterly updates on NBMC activities and involvement in UNISON’s Anti-Racist Strategy Initiatives incorporating the different Project Strands.

6. Identify a range of actions for regional and branch SOG’s members to engage in the delivery and implementation of the unions’ Anti-Racist Strategy through their wider structures of the whole union.