Facilitation Services and Support in UNISON

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2004 National Women's Conference
14 October 2003

Women’s role in society as the main carer makes it difficult for them to participate in UNISON without access to a facilitation service which provides for the full range of caring responsibilities that women undertake.

Guidelines for members on the types of facilitation that can be put in place by UNISON, or can be arranged by the member and claimed for, are both incomplete and not readily available to members. This is leading to difficulties for both members and staff, and impeding participation by women in UNISON’s affairs.

In addition, a recent event has highlighted the need to extend the policy to be available to the disabled children or partners of members in order to enable the participation of the member in a UNISON activity.

Conference calls upon the National Women’s Committee to liaise with the National Disabled Members’ Committee to review UNISON’s existing facilitation policy documents and recommend changes to the National Executive Council which:

1)clarify what is available under the policy and how to access it, and

2)extend the provisions to the disabled children and partners of members where such facilitation is needed to enable participation of the member.