Review of the National Lay Membership Structure

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2004 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
1 March 2004

This conference notes the actions taken to date by the Executive regarding the review of the Energy, Transport and Water and Environment service group structures at national level.

Conference notes the outcome of the consultation exercise with all three service groups. Conference further notes that the majority of Water and Environment branches who responded have major reservations and, in the light of this, proposes that further work is undertaken subject to these guiding principles

i)That no changes will be implemented without the agreement of the separate service group conferences;

ii)That there is no change to branch and regional structures as part of this exercise;

iii)That there will be service group sectors and committees who will have autonomy over pay and conditions of service.

iv)That the current arrangements for branch representation at both the service group and national delegate conferences will be retained;

v) That any resource savings should be used to improve services and sector organisation including the re-introduction of a water company sector committee.

Conference therefore calls upon the Water and Environment Service Group Executive in liaison with both the Transport and the Energy Executives to produce detailed proposals for consideration by the 2005 Service Group Conference.