Elderly Persons’ Homes

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2004 National Delegate Conference
29 January 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference notes with concern the increasing number of local authority elderly person’s homes which have transferred with the transfer to private companies. Conference believes that a well-funded and accountable local authority provision of this service is essential to the establishment and maintenance of high standards across all providers of this service.

Conference also notes that under the proposals for the transfer of local authority housing to private companies, tenants are balloted and must agree before any such transfer takes place. Conference condemns the fact that no such right exists for the residents of local authority elderly persons’ homes.

Conference believes that before any local authority elderly persons’ home is transferred out of local authority ownership or control, there should be a ballot of the residents of each individual home. Unless the residents agree in such a ballot, no transfer should take place. Any such ballot should be conducted by an independent agency and the process must ensure that all the facts and opinions are available to the residents including the provision of independent advocates with proxy voting rights for all residents individually who do not have the mental capacity to understand the process.

Conference instructs the National Executive Council to campaign to make this principle government policy.