Winning the Organised College

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
27 February 2004

This Conference notes that UNISON’s primary objective is recruitment and organisation. It also notes that membership in colleges is less than 30% of its potential. The campaign to achieve implementation of the two-year deal in further education presents an ideal organising opportunity. It also requires college-level negotiations on elements of the agreement, such as job evaluation and performance management.

To assist the organising agenda in colleges, branches are urged to ensure that:

1)College sites have a full complement of stewards, health and safety and union learning representatives

2)All of the above receive adequate training and development to carry out their roles

3)Adequate facility time is negotiated to allow for training and execution of tasks

4)Resources are made available to enable college activists to advance the organising agenda

National and regional local government committees are asked to report back to conference on progress on the above.