National Agreement on Remodelling the School Workforce

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
25 February 2004
Carried as Amended

This Regional Local Government Committee believes the National Agreement on Remodelling the School Workforce is a document, which should provide an opportunity to review and significantly improve the terms, conditions and working lives of school support staff.

However for many branches the reality is that Headteachers and Governors, with the abrogation of the LEA of any responsibility for this matter, are driving a “coach and horses” through the agreement. For example, new posts are being created with no job evaluation, with no consultation over job description, on spot salaries (not NJC) and so forth.

UNISON is losing credibility with its membership, for signing an agreement (with little consultation) that is not delivering any benefits in most branches, and, worse, is a step backwards in some cases.

This Regional Local Government Conference requests the National Local Government Service Group to suspend it’s involvement in the implementation of the agreement until safeguards are put in place that mandate schools and LEA’s to meet with the trade unions to reach agreement on all aspects of this matter. This should include consultation by the SGE with the affected branches.

Conference further agrees that UNISON cannot accept a position whereby LEA’s make the hours or posts of teaching assistants redundant because of budgetary reasons and then use the remodelling agreement to recruit, either externally or internally, people to cover supervisor roles or high level teaching assistant posts.

Conference therefore agrees that UNISON will not accept the introduction of the remodelling agreement into schools who have made such redundancies since the initial signing of the agreement until the relevant hours/posts have been reinstated.