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2004 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
30 July 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference recalls the resolution of the Eleventh National Lesbian and Gay Conference (Motion 20, Activating Our Members) which instructed the National Lesbian and Gay Committee (NLGC) to produce a bulletin to which any UNISON member may subscribe by electronic mail or by post with the aim of stimulating local activity by individuals or small groups.

Conference recognises the development of e-communication since the millennium.

Conference congratulates the National Lesbian and Gay Committee on circulating the first issue of the bulletin in July by post and, in August, circulating a call for members to sign up to a brand new lesbian and gay members monthly e-mail bulletin. It welcomes the opportunities for recruitment and retention of members by this new mechanism for informing employees of the benefits of joining UNISON and participating in UNISON’s self-organisation.

Conference instructs the NLGC to monitor the bulletin’s take-up and impact and, in due course, consider whether to widen circulation to others such as other trades unions, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community groups etc. and whether the bulletin could be used as a recruitment tool or whether other material would be more appropriate for such target groups.

Conference further agrees that this is also a mechanism for reaching members in rural areas and it may provide a forum for discussion in those areas where meetings are difficult to organise due to the travelling involved.

Conference further suggests that this subject is the subject of one of the Co-Convenors’ meetings held to discuss recruitment and retention methods and to share areas of good practice.