Fair Pay for All Staff

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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
5 January 2004

Conference notes that under Agenda for Change 16 different factors have been invented and have been weighted so that:

·hard physical work gains a maximum of 25 points but;


·knowledge, training and experience is worth 240 points;


·25 points are available to recognise tough working conditions yet;


·360 points are available to reward people with various responsibilities.


We consider this framework attempts to systematise and justify gross pay inequalities within the NHS by building in rules to penalise manual and low paid clerical workers.

Where this system breaks down because people are just not prepared to work for the rate – the Recruitment and Retention payments (which must be agreed ‘in partnership’ with management) come in.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to re-negotiate this weighting system and report back to the special Agenda for Change conference on its success or otherwise.