Childrens Trusts

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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
5 January 2004

Conference welcomes the introduction of greater co-operation and joint working between health and social services as demonstrated by the introduction of Children’s and Older Persons/Adults trusts.

Many of our members already work in integrated service under Section 31 funding arrangements or through other joint funding regimes on a variety of secondment or other employment arrangements.

We call upon the SGE to negotiate with the relevant Government departments a national framework agreement that will:

a.clearly protect the employment status of staff in these new organisations and especially their pension provision and

b.will allow their transfer between health and social services or vice versa under the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations 1981.

Given the timetable for the introduction of Children’s and Elderly Persons trusts, Conference demands that such a framework is introduced by February 2005 at the latest.