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2003 Transport Service Group Conference
5 March 2003

This conference recognises the valuable contribution already being played by public bus services towards the elimination of social exclusion and in the reduction of traffic congestion. However it also recognises that modern, environmentally friendly buses have a huge untapped potential to contribute even more to the objectives set out in the Government’s Ten-Year Transport Plan. For too many people the bus still appears to offer an inferior, inconvenient and unreliable form of personal transport. It need not be like this. Conference therefore calls upon the Transport Service Group Executive in co-operation with other groups like Transport 2000 to campaign for:

Better regulation of bus services through regional authorities, where they exist and the creation of a properly resourced bus passenger organisation.

Local transport authorities being obliged to adopt pro bus policies that encourage more reliance on bus Quality Partnerships or franchises.

More effective public funds to bring fares down and improve service quality in the context of quality partnerships and/or franchises.

A Government led initiative to promote innovative bus service schemes that include pilot Quality Contracts.

The introduction of higher operational standards designed to push cowboy operators off the road and to encourage operators to invest in a high quality workforce with fair levels of pay.