Fair Pay for Police Staff

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Police Service Group Conference 2003
6 March 2003

Conference notes that threshold payment for police officers have recently been introduced. This scheme offers an additonal £1,002 to some Federated ranks, which is pensionable and will be updated annually. Conference also notes that there are other additional payments available for Federated ranks. No such payments exist for police staff. This is cleary unfair and widens the pay gap between police staff and Federated ranks. Whilst we welcome the introduction of the scheme for our police officer colleagues, we are greatly disappointed that no such mechanism has been introduced for our members.

Conference instructs the Service Group executive to:

(i)enter into negotiations with the Employers to establish a similar

scheme for UNISON members in order to readdress the pay gap

(ii)report back in full to the 2003 National Service Group Seminar