Rule C.2.6 Retired Members

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2003 National Delegate Conference
21 February 2003

C.2.6.1 delete “immediately”.

Add new sub-paragraph:

“C.2.6.2Persons in paid employment in areas where UNISON does not organise, eligible for retired membership as set out in C.2.6.1, can apply for retired membership when they cease to be in paid employment.”

Renumber old sub-paragraph C.2.6.2 to C.2.6.3 and in second sentence delete “only”

Add new sub-paragraphs:

“C.2.6.4They will not be entitled to stand for office as Branch Secretary nor vote for that position.

C.2.6.5They will be entitled to stand for the posts of Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Membership Officer, Communications Officer and other posts approved by the Branch which do not involve the pay and conditions of members in employment unless otherwise determined by the National Executive Council or as otherwise provided for in these rules.”