Regional Organisation in Further Education & Sixth Form Colleges

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2003 Local Government Service Group Conference
21 February 2003

This Conference congratulates its members working in further education colleges on the first national strike across the sector. It notes their success in achieving an improved offer for members despite continued intransigence from the employer’s side.

However, the Conference recognises the need to build on the success of this action to improve levels of organisation in the sector. It recognises the important role that effective regional organisation has in co-ordinating activity in the sector. Stewards in further education and sixth form colleges often feel isolated from stewards in other colleges. It is therefore vital that they are given the opportunity to meet fellow activists from within their regions.

This Conference recommends that regions:

(i)Develop regional action plans to improve recruitment and organisation in the sector.

(ii)Ensure that there are effective regional further education and sixth form colleges sector committee that meets at least once a term.