Raising Standards and Tackling Workloads

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2003 Local Government Service Group Conference
20 February 2003
Carried as Amended

This Conference welcomes the “Raising Standards and Tackling Workload” national agreement signed up to by UNISON and other unions representing members in schools. The agreement recognises the long standing anomalies facing UNISON members working as school support staff and offers the best opportunity for years to rectify these problems. It also lends weight to the negotiations at NJC level to develop a national framework to cover this group of members.

Conference further welcomes the comments made by the General Secretary in a press release on 15 January 2003, which included the statements, that “we see this (agreement) as only a beginning” and “These reforms will only work if we get clear national and local agreements on pay, grading and career structures. We are quite clear that this is not about teaching on the cheap”.

As part of these reforms this Conference calls on the SGE to negotiate a national framework agreement to include the following:

1)An end to discrimination against term-time only workers

2)The pay, grading and job descriptions for all school support staff

3)A fully paid qualification route for teaching assistants

Conference therefore calls on the SGE negotiating group to adopt the above criteria and to liaise and consult with branches on a regular basis as to the progress achieved.