Craftworkers Recognition

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2003 Local Government Service Group Conference
19 February 2003
Carried as Amended

Blackpool Local Government Branch:

1)Recognises that the JNC for Local Authority Craft and Associated employees negotiates agreements in respect of 39,000 craft workers, labourers, charge hands and supervisors, and 2,000 apprentices.

2)Notes that the Trade Union Side of that body consists of Amicus, TGWU, GMB, UCATT and the Confederation of Shipbuilders and Engineers Union.

3)Deplores the fact that whilst UNISON can claim a craft membership of in excess of 20,000 members 15,000 in local authorities it does not have any seats on the Joint Negotiating Committee.

4)Conference therefore acknowledges that, while UNISON’s primary objective should remain that craftworkers should be covered by the NJC or SJC for Local Government Services, the Local Government Committee should be asked to seek UNISON representation on the appropriate national Craftworkers JNCs.