Making Policy and Carrying it out

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2003 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2003
Carried as Amended

This Conference notes that:

1.following each National Lesbian and Gay Conference the National Lesbian and Gay Committee (NLGC) prepares an action plan on the decisions of Conference (Conference Action Report) which includes action points for branch and regional lesbian and gay (L&G) groups. However, this document is drawn up on the basis of the action points of the immediately preceding conference with, apparently, little regard to whether there are still outstanding actions from the previous year’s plan;


2.although the Conference Action Report is circulated to regional L&G groups no updating document reaches them till the committee’s annual report just before Conference. This makes it hard to draft a follow-up motion on the basis of accurate and up-to-date information. As for branch groups, nothing reaches them, at least not systematically.

Conference therefore instructs the NLGC to:

A.issue its Conference Action Report promptly after Conference;

B.issue it to branch L&G groups as well as regional groups;

C.ensure the Conference Action Report integrates outstanding remits from the previous year’s plan with the decisions of the preceding conference;

D.issue a follow-up document in the summer reporting progress on the plan;

E.use a similar format in the Conference Action Report, progress report and annual report so they can be cross referenced;


F.consider, consult and report on whether to adopt the Trades Union Congress’s style of debate where paragraphs of the report are discussed at conference at the same time as motions on a similar subject.