Celebrating Our Milestones

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2003 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2003

Conference recognises the recent successes in working towards lesbian and gay (L&G) equality (most notably an equal age of consent, implementation of the Human Rights Act, laws on workplace discrimination, tenancy and adoption rights, the repeal of Section 28, the repeal of discriminatory sexual offences discrimination and the publication of Government proposals for the recognition of same sex partners).

Conference believes it is crucial to mark the milestones of the progress we have achieved as well as to underscore the part played by the trade union movement at all levels including UNISON’s early backing of Pride, getting a TUC L&G Conference and committee, lobbying work with the Affiliated Political Fund, taking a lead in international work and achieving progress with employers.

Therefore Conference calls on the National Lesbian and Gay Committee (NLGC) to produce campaign materials with contributions from regional L&G groups as well as from the disabled and black members’ caucuses, highlighting the progress achieved as well as the role played by UNISON and other trade unions and pointing to future campaigns, for example ensuring that people experiencing persecution because of their sexual orientation can gain asylum, campaigning for legislation on hate crimes and campaigning on the provision of services which are equitable for lesbians and gay men. Conference further calls on the NLGC to explore how this can be marked in the 2004 Lesbian and Gay Conference.