Rights of Caucuses

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National Disabled Members 2003
9 November 2003

The members of the Lesbian and Gay Caucus are concerned at views heard around this venue, during the 2003 Disabled Members’ Conference, questioning the appropriateness of the rights of caucuses. In particular the view that caucuses should have no practical function within conference.

As Disabled Lesbian and Gay Members we feel offended by these views.

As Disabled Lesbian and Gay Members we feel that to question the rights of caucuses at this Conference is undermining the rights of disabled lesbians and gay members.

We would ask that this Conference and the National Disabled Members’ Committee show support to the caucus.

We therefore call upon the National Disabled Members’ Committee to:

1)ensure that annual training is provided to all National Disabled Members’ Committee and Standing Orders Committee members which addresses the issues faced by the Lesbian and Gay Members and issues faced by other caucus groups;

2)to expand upon the information already provided in the Conference Guide, under the heading “Role of Caucuses at Conference” to provide information regarding the purpose of caucuses and their rights within this Conference.