Appointment to Public Bodies

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National Disabled Members 2003
11 July 2003
Carried as Amended

Conference supports the view that all UNISON disabled members have a fair and equal opportunity to apply for and sit on public bodies, tribunals and public boards. It recognises that the present Nolan Rules can discriminate against working people and more so if they are disabled. Conference also recognises the full useful knowledge and experiences that UNISON disabled members can bring with them on appointment to a public body.

Conference calls upon the National Disabled Members’ Committee to liaise with the National Executive Council to work with the UNISON Labour Link to lobby Parliament to make appointments to public bodies more accessible to UNISON disabled members and for all disabled people.

Conference calls upon the National Executive Council and National Disabled Members’ Committee to lobby the Disability Rights Commission to take up this issue of equal and fair opportunity to be appointed to public bodies for disabled members of UNISON and other disabled people.

Conference recognises that disabled people and UNISON disabled members must have the level playing field of non-disabled members on appointment to public bodies. It therefore asks that UNISON set up training courses to enable disabled UNISON members to have the confidence skills and knowledge to gain equal access to appointments to public bodies.