Trades Union Congress General Council – Section I – Member Representing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Trade Unionists

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2002 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
27 September 2002
Carried as Amended

Conference notes:

1.That in 2001 the Trades Union Congress (TUC) General Council was enlarged to include three new sections, each consisting of one seat: section H, ‘member representng trade unionists with disabilities’, section J ‘member representing trade unionists under 27 years of age’ and I, member to represent lesbian, and gay trade unionists, and in 2002 bisexual and transgender trade unionists were added to the definition of section I;

2.that affiliate unions can make one nomination for each of the 3 seats, which are then filled by election at congress;

3.that, in each of the last two years, three trade unions (UNISON, GMB and TGWU) which between them cast forty two per cent of the congress vote agreed that they would each make a nomination for only one of the 3 seats, and that they would support each other’s candidates;

4.that all these elections have been contested .

Conference notes with concern the lack of consultation by the National Executive Council (NEC) with the appropriate national self organised committees or Young Members Forum before reaching this agreement with the other unions. It instructs the NEC to ensure that such consultation takes place in the future when representation of the membership covered by these bodies is being considered. It also calls on UNISON delegations to future congresses to seek the recommendations fo the appropriate national SOG committees and Young Members Forum about which candidates to support in the relevant sections.

However, Conferenc also notes that the General Council will be submitting a report, following consultation with affiliates and the TUC equality committees, to the 2003 Congress on a review of constitutional matters relating to equalities and this is likely to include recommendations on mechanisms for elections to General Council seats and for submission of motions from the equality conferences to Congress. Conference instructs the NEC to ensure that it consults with the SOC committees and Young Members Forum before deciding UNISON’s response to this.

Conference further notes that in 2002 the TUC LGB&T Conference carried a resolution demanding the General Council implement a rule change to allow the LGB&T conference to elect the section I member from the conference.

Conference believes this may be an appropriate mechanism to ensure the section I seat is filled by somebody who indeed represents LGB&T trade unionists as the definition says. Conference recognises, however, the importance of ensuring that the views of the other TUC equality committees/conferences on election mechanisms are also considered and that nominations to seats would still have to be made by affiliates.

Conference therefore instructs the NEC to liase closely with the national SOG committees and Young Members Forum throughout the process of review and calls upon the UNISON representatives and nominees on the General Council to seek to ensure that the General Council gives proper consideration to the views of the TUC equality committees/confernces. It further instructs the NEC to consult, following 2003 Congress, with the national SOC committees and Young Members Forum on the outcome of the review and to consider submitting, if appropriate, a motion to National Delegate Conference in 2004 with proposals for UNISON to subsequently submit to the TUC.