Stop the War

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2002 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
2 August 2002

Conference notes that there is a rich and lengthy history of pacifism and non-violence that has run through the Lesbian and Gay movement and Lesbian and Gay Trade Unionism.

With the increased hysteria and hypocrisy surrounding current rhetoric displayed by the British and American Governments it is important to remember that:-

1.It is the British and American Governments that trained and equipped the Iraqi Government with military weapons and armaments.

2.Since the Gulf War, Britain and America have continued to carry out attacks on Iraqi civilians and territory on a weekly basis, and yet little coverage has been given by the British media and press.

3.There is a growing anti-war movement in this country with the National Stop the War event on 28th September 2002.

This is a time of choices to determine whether we wish to be portrayed as a force for good and peace or an ineffective debating forum.

We wish to congratulate the National Executive Committee on its support for the above event, its affiliation to the Stop the War Campaign, and we also wish to lend support to both. We also wish to state our abhorrence to any military action and the detrimental effect it would have on Trade Unionists in Iraq. Bombing of Iraq could reverse all attempts at rehabilitation of the country and further impoverish ordinary Iraqi people.