Campaign for Reparation

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2002 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2002

Conference is appalled that the current Government refuses to recognise slavery as a crime against humanity, claiming it was “legal at the time”. Conference condemns the current Government for opposing reparation at the United Nations’ Anti-racism conference in Durban, South Africa last year.

Conference recognises slavery as a heinous crime against our Black brothers and sisters, rooted in racism and condemns the five hundred and continuing years of oppression.

Conference asserts its role as a member led union and to address this issue and supports and seeks reparation in recognition of the injustice of slavery.

Conference supports the campaign for reparation for slavery led by the Black Quest for Justice Campaign (BQJC) which is supported by the National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR) and the Lesbian and Gay Coalition Racism (LAGCAR) both of which UNISON is affiliated to.

Conference believes that the refusal to accept responsibility for slavery, acknowledge it as a crime and offer reparation to the Black community plays into the hands of far-right and extremist groups.

Conference notes that such groups are on the rise and have no boundaries in their hatred of Black people and Lesbians and Gay Men.

Conference re-affirms it’s policy on layers of oppression and believes that solidarity can achieve results. Conference believes that it is the role of each of the self-organised groups to fight against the oppression of each and to jointly campaign for recognition of rights such as the right to reparation.

Conference instructs the National Lesbian and Gay Committee in full liaison with the National Black Members’ Committee to:

1.Support the campaign for reparation.

2.Publicise the campaign for reparartion.

3.Jointly with the NBMC raise the issues with the NEC.

4.Publicise information about companies which are involved in colonial economic relations.

5.Urge the GPF and APF to support the campaign for reparation.

6. Produce a statement condemning slavery as a crime against humanity.