Workplace Equality Representatives

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2002 National Disabled Members' Conference
26 October 2002

By virtue of the fact that we are in this hall today is an example of how our Union supports diversity.

Our employers recognise health and safety representatives and provides them with time off/facilities to undertake implementation of the legislation. Given the expanding equalities legislation and the increased diversity within the United Kingdom’s workforce, there is a concern that the disabled lesbian and gay issues will not be dealt with effectively in the workplace.

The Lesbian and Gay Disabled Members’ Caucus instructs the National Disabled Members’ Committee to,:

1)Set up a working party to explore, promote workplace equality representatives, their role and training needs especially on the specifics of disabled and lesbian and gay issues;

2)Undertake a survey of regions to identify which regions have established workplace equality representatives and details of time off/facilities agreements;

3)Report back progress in next year’s Disabled Members’ Conference Annual Report.