Disabled Access Facilities at Conference Hotels

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2002 National Disabled Members' Conference
2 October 2002

This Conference is greatly concerned about the lack of disabled access offered to delegates and visitors by the accommodation booking service. For this year’s Disabled Members’ Conference the hotel bookings have not been organised by UNISON’s Conference Office, but have been booked through the Conference Accommodation Booking Service Glasgow and Clyde Valley Tourist Board.

Bearing in mind that this is a Disabled Members’ Conference, the two hotels of choice given by the Tourist Board are the City Inn, which is adjacent to the Moat House, and the Glasgow City Travel which is a ten minute taxi journey to the Conference.

The booking form states that:

1)Disabled access rooms are not available in twin rooms;

2)Disabled access rooms are on a first come first served allocation;

3)Special requirements cannot be guaranteed.

Conference this is not an acceptable situation.

Conference calls on the National Disabled Members’ Committee to ensure:

a)That all future conference bookings are done through UNISON’s Conference Office, such as they have been done in the past;

b)That any hotels suggested for use have been access checked by a suitably qualified person using UNISON’s access policy;

c)That our concerns are raised with the appropriate body representing the Tourist Boards of the United Kingdom.