War Against Terrorism and US Policy on Nuclear Weapons

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2002 National Black Members' Conference
23 May 2002

Conference strongly believes that an inability to discover where Osama bin Laden is must not used as a pretext to extend the war against Afghanistan into other countries. The United States (US) has made it clear that it intends to send military action against Iraq, Somalia, Sudan or any of the 60 countries on the US target list.

Conference further believes that the US will stop at nothing to prevent a coalition against terrorism rather than justice. We recognise that a United Nations led agenda of development, democracy and social justice offers the only long term prospect of international stability.

Conference notes with grave concern reports of US plans to build new nuclear weapons that would be suitable first strikes against mainland China, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Pakistan and India. Conference further deplores reports that the US would be willing to use nuclear weapons in several scenarios, including an Israeli and Arab conflict, a war between China and Taiwan, an attack by North Korea on South Korea and an attack on Iraq by Israel or any other country in the event of a surprising military development. Conference regrets that the US is deliberately undermining international peace and security and urges the National Black Members’ Committee, National Executive Council, International Committee, including the UNISON Link MPs, to:

1)Lobby the Government to lead this initiative within the international community;

2)Invite the International Officer to attend Black Members’ Conference 2003 to address this international issue;

3)Send a clear message to the US that we are opposed to these plans and demand that the US abandons them.