Report on Review of Black Members’ Organisation

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2002 National Black Members' Conference
31 May 2002
Carried as Amended

Conference applauds the contributions of the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC), regional black members’ groups, branch black members’ groups, and the black women’s, the black lesbian and gay members’ and the black disabled members’ caucuses to the final report on the review of Black Members’ Organisation in UNISON.

Conference welcomes the final report and sees the adoption of its recommendations as a major opportunity to adopt structures and working practices which can only strengthen the black members’ organisation, leading to an enhanced role in the Union’s democratic machinery and the development of wider participation and effective decision-making.

Recommendation 1:

Establish identity based on the positive contributions of black self-organisation in improving the situation for black workers and by so doing increasing the power and influence of UNISON as a whole.

Recommendation 2:

No motion to be taken if it does not relate to actual situations faced by black members or concerns they may have.

Recommendation 3:

Focus work programmes on issues affecting black people in the workplace.

Recommendation 4:

The National Black Members’ Conference to reflect the organising culture of the Union authorised by the priorities and issues, as identified by black members.

Recommendation 5:

The NBMC to explore different models of motion handling and prioritisation. Accountability and representation linked to the implementation and achievement of actions arising out of the motions.

Recommendation 6

The National Black Members’ Committee will produce a discussion paper on the prescriptive detail of how recommendations 1 to 5 will be implemented. The paper will be available by June 2003 or at the latest, in time for National Black Members’ Conference 2003.

Conference calls on the NBMC to:

1)Work with regional black members’ groups, branch black members’ groups, and black caucuses to ensure that the recommendations arising from the review are implemented as swiftly and effectively as possible;

2)Work with UNISON regions and branches where due to geographical location or desegregation of services, black members’ groups have not been formed to ensure that recommendations arising from the review are implemented;

3)Report on progress made on implementation to the 2003 Conference as part of its Annual Report.