Race Relations (Amendment) Act

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2002 National Black Members' Conference
6 June 2002

Conference welcomes the introduction of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, but believes if it is to provide a framework to improve race equality in public services then UNISON nationally should be preparing regions and branches to face the challenges ahead by ensuring the Stephen Lawrence Report is acted upon by responding to the MacPherson Recommendations across the public and private sectors.

This will allow UNISON to tackle the problem of institutional racism, faced by black and ethnic members within their respective branches and employers who continue to flaunt their perceptions of the law.

1)We call on a campaign for the extension of the amended Race Relations Act 2000 to be fully applicable to the private sector;

2)Monitor the progress of negotiations undertaken by branches and employers on the implementation of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act;

3)Ensure that all employers recognise the issues surrounding equality and

the importance of the MacPherson Recommendations and the significant need of its immediate implementation;

4)The establishment of a discrimination section within the current Industrial Tribunal and Employment Tribunal system to advise on cases across the range of discriminations.