Other development opportunities

UNISON can also offer advice and support on other training and development opportunities available for members. This includes key training in core english, maths and IT skills.

English, Maths and IT

In England, Maths and English courses up to Level 2 are provided free by local colleges and adult education centres. UNISON works with partners such as the WEA to provide English and Maths in some workplaces. We also offer some taster sessions and practical courses on topics such as budgeting, making the most of the internet and dealing with paperwork.

England – English, maths and IT courses

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – core skills

Wales – essential skills


Northern Ireland – essential skills

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


ESOL courses, and costs, vary across the country depending on the provision and funding arrangements in local colleges. The British Council Nexus project offers free resources, including some for specific occupations and sectors.

The British Council Nexus project


Developing your skills online can be a practical, flexible way to study. A number of organisations now offer free online vocational and other courses. However, before you sign up for any course we recommend you read the terms and conditions and look for any charges that could be incurred for non completion of the course.