Tax credits and universal credit

Universal credit usually pays less than tax credits. About a million people who are entitled to tax credits aren’t claiming.

That’s why UNISON has teamed up with entitledto Ltd to deliver the UNISON Tax Credit (Take Up) Calculator to help people claim tax credits before universal credit arrives locally.

Tax credits

The help people get with universal credit was cut on April 12 2016. 80,000 people in work will be hit immediately.

Single parents, for example, lose over £50 a week. The roll-out of the new universal credit software started in May 20016 and will be completed by 2018.

Once it arrives locally, you won’t be able to apply for Tax Credits.

Universal credit usually pays less than tax credits. The government says no-one who moves from tax credits to universal credit will be worse off.

That means if you sign up for tax credits before the change, the amount of money you get will stay protected when you move over to universal credit, so long as your circumstances don’t change.

This could be worth as much as an extra £50 a week for some people and – or as much as £14,000 over years.

Make sure you don’t lose out with the UNISON Tax Credit (Take Up) Calculator

It takes just two inutes using our tool to see how much you could receive in tax credits

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UNISON benefits calculator

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Check out what you might be missing with the UNISON benefits calculator.

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