Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union

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Ipswich & Suffolk Credit Union (ISCU) and Norfolk Credit Union merged to create a larger and more sustainable credit union in the East of England. Eastern Savings and Loans Credit Union Limited has thousands of members who save when they can, and borrow when they need to.


Tel: 01508 533 842 (Norfolk office) or 01473 690 690 (Ipswich office)

Email: office@eslcu.co.uk

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St Albans District Credit Union

St Albans District Credit Union logoSave with the credit union for Christmas, holidays, change of car, etc. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme guarantees savings. Loans up to £5,000 are at 1% per month (APR 12.68%) and can repay credit cards, payday and doorstep loans, and fund holidays, furniture, cars, etc.


Tel: 017278 59135

Email: office@stalbanscreditunion.co.uk

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